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Third-Party API Protection

Protect your third-party apps and data from API attacks.


Monitor Third-Party APIs to Detect and Prevent Unauthorized Access

As API attacks become a prevalent vector for cyber attacks, it is crucial to properly monitor API communications, especially those involving third-party apps handling sensitive data. This is a difficult task and often requires sending logs to a SIEM and writing complicated correlation rules.

Comprehensive monitoring of third-party API communications enables you to more quickly detect and identify potential security vulnerabilities and breaches of your data in other systems.

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Third-Party API Monitoring

Vorlon continuously monitors API communications and usage between your organization’s third-party apps and detects unusual or suspicious activities.

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For security/incident response teams to monitor third-party API usage.

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Detect unusual patterns of activity or behavior with near real-time API anomaly detection.

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Investigate faster with enriched threat intelligence, including malicious IP address identification.

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Stay informed with immediate alerts when suspicious or anomalous activities are detected in API communications.

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Security Teams

Enhance your third-party API protection. Vorlon’s advanced monitoring capabilities provide near real-time visibility into API communications, enabling teams to quickly identify and address potential threats.

Protect your third-party APIs. Protect your data.