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Third-Party Detection and Response

Disrupt attackers, not your operations.


Less Time Digging Through Logs. More Time Knowing Your Sensitive Data is Secure in Third-Party Apps.

When you have many third-party apps, your detection and response times can slow down.

Third-party audit logs are hard to read and even harder to correlate. This complexity makes it hard to understand the full scope of the apps, their access secrets, and data flows affected by breaches and security incidents.

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Third-Party Incident Response

Vorlon detects behavioral anomalies in third party app usage with the power of AI and intelligent algorithms analyzing your third-party apps' traffic. Remediate alerts by following step-by-step response plans or responding with precise automated actions.

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For security/incident response teams to respond to incidents involving third-party apps, secrets, and data.

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Detect anomalies in third-party app/secret/data usage with behavioral alerting.

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Quickly respond to alerts with tailored response steps or automated response actions.

Third-Party Incident Response with Vorlon

Breach Scoping and Investigation

Vorlon turns unknowns into knowns by identifying all third-party apps connecting to your organization. Immediately identify apps, secrets, and data affected by breaches.

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For security/incident response teams to scope and investigate breaches.

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Understand where your organization’s sensitive data is flowing and quickly identify affected data when a breach happens.

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Search for IOC activity and identify affected accounts and secrets.

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Rotate affected accounts or secrets across all apps, ensuring seamless continuation of existing workflows.

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Vorlon White Paper 10 Questions to Ask About API Activity

10 Questions to Ask About API Activity

Crafted to enhance your ability to discern patterns, identify potential security threats, and ensure the robustness of your API's security posture.

Take your MTTD and MTTR from months to minutes.