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Protect your organization from falling out of compliance with executive orders, SEC rules and regulations, privacy laws, and more due to third-party API risks.


Controlling the Uncontrollable

Falling out of compliance is a common occurrence when your organization enables third-party apps to access sensitive customer and company data.

Without comprehensive visibility into the apps accessing your data, you run the risk of undetected breaches and security issues. This blind spot leaves you vulnerable to countless fines.

Follow Privacy Regulations & Breach Notification Rules

Vorlon maps your third-party app API landscape and discovers all of the third-party apps accessing your sensitive data. With continuous monitoring of your third-party threat landscape, Vorlon exposes abnormal activity, bringing potential compliance violations into focus and enabling swift response.

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For GRC teams to understand the cause of your organization’s compliance challenges.

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Gain visibility into your entire third-party app ecosystem and understand which apps are accessing your sensitive data.

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Quickly identify unusual or suspicious activities within your third-party apps.

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Respond quickly and effectively to reduce chances of compliance fines.

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Expert Review
SANS Institute: Third-Party API Security with Vorlon

Read an agnostic opinion of the Vorlon platform written by SANS Institute with the express purpose of articulating the perceived value for a cybersecurity practitioner.

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