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Proactive Third-Party API Security

Continuous near real-time detection and identification of your data in motion between third-party apps with remediation capabilities.

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The Goal

Reduce Detection and Response Time from Months to Minutes

Days to Act
Hour to Detect

The Benefits

Proactive Third-Party API Security

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Understand your risks in the third-party apps your Enterprise uses with clear insights and recommendations. Report progress to your stakeholders and board with confidence.

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Security Teams

Gain visibility into your third-party apps. Detect, investigate, and respond to abnormal third-party app activity, data breaches, and security incidents in near real-time.

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Compliance Teams

Determine whether the third-party apps your Enterprise uses are compliant with regulations. Provide proof of compliance to stakeholders with confidence.

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Data Privacy Teams

Gain visibility into the third-party apps accessing your Enterprise’s sensitive data. Identify possible PII/PHI/PCI violations and remediate with actionable insights.

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Vorlon Risk Observation Report

Get a free Risk Observation Report to learn more about your third-party risks and what Vorlon can do to help.